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Hominy Farm is a sustainable homestead and bread bakery in Asheville, North Carolina focused on wood fired sourdough breads, local ingredients and nutritionally abundant cuisine. 

Hominy Farm Candler

About Us

 Hominy Farm reflects a passion for locally sourced and milled grains, natural leavening techniques, and wood fired baking. With the true honor of carrying on the Farm and Sparrow home bakery, Hominy Farm uses one of the first historical 6’ x 10’ Turtlerock wood fired ovens to bake our homemade breads and pastries. Through local farmers markets, restaurants, community engagement, and an interactive social media presence, Hominy Farm hopes to inspire the next generation of healthy eaters and home bakers.


Give a Gift!

This holiday season we urge you to shop small and local. If you would like to give the gift of wood fired sourdough bread this holiday season, we are now offering e-gift cards to Hominy Farm. These gift cards never expire and can be claimed at farmers markets, holiday markets, or used for any future delivery days, subscriptions, or events. 

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