Our Breads

Hominy Farm prides itself on the production of naturally leavened, wood fired, plant based breads. The source of our ingredients is of the upmost importance! That's why we choose to work solely with organically grown and locally milled grains and flours from Carolina Ground, Lindley Mills, and Farm and Sparrow. At Hominy Farm, we look at not only the quality of our ingredients, but the overall sustainability that comes along with it. We can't wait to make Hominy Farm bread a staple in your health driven household.


Our hand-pressed, sourdough pita is a naturally leavened product that embodies the versatility of middle eastern flatbreads. These pillowy pockets are perfect for stuffing, toasting, dipping, shmearing, splitting, rolling, and so on! An edible canvas with a texture and flavor bold enough to stand up to anything!


The Manoushe is an homage to a Lebanese classic. A strong sourdough flatbread topped with dried herbs and sesame seeds ready to be toasted and topped with fresh veggies, pickles, and purees. Our Manoushe can also be sliced into breadsticks or diced into croutons for soups and salads.

Gan au Levain

Our Gan au Levain is similar in shape and size to a ciabatta. This small loaf has an open crumb, thin crunchy crust, and rustic ears throughout, adding to its overall texture and flavor. This product is ideal for sandwiches, paninis, and toasts.


Our Grainbow is a celebration of whole grain nutrition and seasonality in itself. A rustic, hearty, fiber rich sourdough boule filled with local soaked and cracked grains and encrusted in a melange of wheat bran that’s superb for thickly sliced tartines, sandwiches, or tearing into tableside.

Gan de Mie

The Gan de Mie is Hominy Farm’s plant-based salute to the ever sought after Pain de Mie! Our Gan dough is enriched with organic/non-GMO sunflower oil and naturally sweetened with molasses, ushering in a new and improved aesthetic and flavor profile for those sweet bread enthusiasts. Our Gan de Mie Pullman loaf is great for french toast, club sandwiches, sweet & savory toast, bread puddings, tarte tatins, etc.

Sesame Gan de Mie

The Sesame Gan de Mie is the made with same dough as our ever sought after Pain de Mie, but is rolled butt to butt in organic unhulled sesame seeds! This adds a nutty, crunchy, savory element to the slightly sweet and sour Gan de Mie dough. This loaf is great for sandwiches, toasts, and more. 

Gan de Mie Buns

Our Gan de Mie buns are made up of the same dough as our Gan de Mie Pullman. These buns kiss when fully proofed, which lends to softer sides when baked. These buns are sold in trays of a dozen, and are easily pulled apart for burgers, sandwiches, or served as a dinner roll with soups and salads.

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